Website Design: As Easy As ABC

No matter what type of industry, AmplifySME website design services will amplify your business.

AmplifySME website design services can be simplify to

– Get it coded with PHP!

– Do it in WordPress. Get a Theme and Customised it!


Get it coded with PHP!

This option takes a much longer time to get the website created. It requires much more specialised website design work. A designer to design the website, a few programmers to code. This option enable to have a website of your dreams. You can even choose to code your own content management system or get it coded for WordPress engine. Basically, you can pretty much do what you like as long as it obeys to the law of coding nature.


Do it in WordPress. Get a Theme and Customised it!

With this option, you are able to tap on many professional web designers and immediately select a WordPress Template with particular look and feel suited you like and suited for the company. Subsequently it AmplifySME website design specialists will customised it for you. Following closely to your identity, transforming the template, creating your style.

With plugins, your website is able to accept member subscriptions, have video and photo slide shows, contact forms with auto reply, social media integration, and not to mention blog functions which WordPress is great for that. Integration plugins into your website will be easy and effortless. If very specific customisation is required, you might required to know some skill and make the adjustments into the template.


Let us do our work, We are the Expert in WordPress, Creating your website

Our skills lies not in just knowing the coding but rather understanding each plugins and theme template selected for you. We study the codes and make sure that they do not clash. Each theme we choose, we make sure that it is easy for future upgrade and even change a new look with minor tweaks. We teach you the tips and tricks that you require to work with your website. We simplify your procedure. We amplify your business.

We at amplifySME are Wordpress Developers and Wordpress Consultants. We will be able to help you to build your website, with WordPress as your CMS. You could also engage us for consultancy services to try to customize the template by yourself or to help to solve a problem with your WordPress site.